11 responses to “Photos

  1. It sounds as if you are off to a good start! I am really going to enjoy riding along with you all on your trip. The website was a terrific idea. I will print it out each day, including any pictures, to show to your Uncle Terry. Thanks so much for including all of us! Love to all.

  2. Ryan Harrell

    I hope you guys are having a blast! It sounds like you are! Be safe and take lots and lots of pictures! Love you guys 🙂

  3. The Grand Canyon is an awesome sight. I was fascinated by it and I only got to see it from ground level from many overlooks. I could only imagine how wonderful it looked from the air !! Still enjoying your monologue. You are very talented!!

  4. Angela Ayers

    Hey Traveling Family!
    It looks like you guys are having a BLAST!! Boy, are Brandon and I jealous. We checked out your itinerary, and see you are planning on going to Philadelphia, PA, well, we want you to go by the Philadelphia EAGLES Football Stadium and give it a good luck kiss for us!! GO EAGLES!! The website looks great. Take care of yourselves!

  5. Aunt Debra

    Just wanted to say we are still enjoying every minute of your trip as you bring it to us each day in words and pictures. The website was an awesome idea. One question– You did not say anything about the “CALIFORNIA GIRLS” (or GUYS !!) or did I just miss it !! Take care !! Be safe.

  6. Mom and Tony

    Wow guys, the pictures are amazing. We thought the Asheville mountain behind our hotel was amazing. Ha!!! Some of your pictures could be post cards. Great job!! Love ya!

  7. Ryan

    I love the new pictures that you put up! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time, be safe!
    Love and miss you,

  8. Susan

    Happy 4th of July!!!
    Love you! Can’t wait to see you!
    Your favorite,

  9. Susan

    Great pics! The bean looks so cool…would love to see that in person. I think you should cut out your pictures in the colonial outfits and superimpose them under that big redwood…then you’d really look like gnomes! hahaha Glad you’re having fun…keep the pictures coming!
    Your favorite,

  10. Corey's Mom and Tony


  11. Sue Bratton

    Hey! I am a church friend of Walter. He gave me the website after telling me about the trip. What a wonderful record you have made! The pictures are awesome and the commentary is very professional. I have visited many of these sites myself over my lifetime. You covered them on just one trip! Thanks

    Sue Bratton

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