June 24: The Redwoods

Today was mostly a driving day, but it was a great driving day that took us through the Redwoods in northern California. On the way up there, just north of Santa Rosa, there was smoke all over the place from wildfire nearby. The smell of burning trees was really strong. Luckily it didn’t stop our drive any.

After a couple hours of driving, I started noticing the trees around us getting bigger and thicker. Before I knew it we were surrounded by trees that stretched to the sky with trunks as thick as I am tall. If you’ve never seen these, it’s hard to imagine how big these trees are. Pictures don’t do it justice. I pulled onto a scenic parkway off the main highway called the Avenue of Giants. Madison rolled her eyes and said “Leave it to Corey to take us on some pointless drive,” or something like that.

I think I changed her mind. The Avenue of Giants is named this for a very good reason. I can’t think of anything to compare these trees to. You just have to see them. We got out of the car at a turnoff to take pictures near the trees. We took pictures (which should be on the pictures page) of us standing in front of the trees to give you reference of how huge they are. We walked around for a minute and found even bigger ones deeper into the forest. One had fallen over — I’m glad I wasn’t there when it happened — and Madison and I could comfortably stand in it’s roots. It was unbelievable.

We kept driving through them and never really saw any bigger than the ones we stopped for. I guess we got out at the right place. There were fun little roadside attractions like the House Tree, Mystery Hill, Living Chimney Tree, and even Hobbiton, USA. Oh, mountain folk.

I drove most of the way through more windy, narrow and cliffhanging roads through the mountains. I was still enjoying it. I don’t know if I can say the same for Madison and Paw-Paw. I think I’ve gotten my fill of mountain driving though. By the time we got to Oregon I was exhausted and moved over to let Paw-Paw take the wheel.

We made it all the way to Roseburg, Oregon before calling it a day. And what a long day it was. I’m not sure why this post is so short compared to the other ones. Either nothing really happened today or I’m just really tired. Or maybe both.

Anyway, we’re heading up to Mt. St. Helens tomorrow and probably ending up in Seattle before the day is over with. We figure that Seattle will probably be the halfway point of our trip. We just started our third week today. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long!

I’m going to try and put pictures up now. Enjoy!


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3 responses to “June 24: The Redwoods

  1. Susan

    A friend of mine at work wanted to suggest some points of interest to you if you have time…
    Seattle fish market…he said it’s a treat to watch these guys toss fresh salmon off the boats
    Ferry to the San Juan Islands is a nice 1/2 day excursion where you may enjoy some whale watching
    The locks of the Columbia River
    Badlands of N/S Dakota

    Your favorite,

  2. Katie

    yay for car-driving-engine sounds. although, id prefer a paul walker in fast and the furious reference to dale earnhart. 😀

    keep up the writing, its very good entertainment for after a long day of (monotonous) work, and your journalism skills are showing!

  3. Meredith Hansen

    Hey are you guys going to make it to Crater Lake? (in Oregon) If you are headed straight for Seattle it should be on your way.

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