June 20 + 21: Perris…not the French one.

I know I’ve said this before and it’s turned out to be a complete lie, but this will be a short post tonight.

We’ve been in Perris, Cali., the last two days staying with Meg and LL, friends of Paw-Paw. They’ve been amazing hosts and we’ve had a great and very relaxing time here, a good break from the road. Perris is a little town that’s tucked between some mountains west of Los Angeles. It’s a nice little town, but beastly hot (the last few days have been 108). We have been spoiled before this by being up at higher elevations, which of course means lower temperatures. But according to LL and the TV weatherman that I just overheard, the temperature should be going down soon. Finally. But I have to say I like this dry heat a lot more than the humidity in the Southeast.

Anyway, nothing exciting to report, which is why I’m keeping this post short. The time difference is crazy for me. I watched the Heels play baseball today at four in the afternoon. That’s a normal start time for games here since the east coast has them at seven. I couldn’t get used to that over here. Back home the games come on after school/work. Here they’re right in the middle of the afternoon! And football at 10 a.m. on Sundays? Psh. I’m not even awake then.

We’re headed out of town tomorrow morning and will hit California Highway 1 — the Pacific Coast Highway — tomorrow and hoping to stop in some little beach town north of Santa Barbara so that we can enjoy the beach over here and get in the Pacific Ocean. We’ll be traveling up the coast this way for a few days, and plans are kind of up in the air since we have no definite stopping point until Seattle, Wash.

I should be posting tomorrow night with a lot more to say. Get excited. I would like to apologize for my excessive wordiness when I write. I know it’s a lot of reading. My friend said that he was going to keep from doing school reading by reading my blog and was disappointed to find that my post was nearly as long as his reading. Oops. I guess I just get carried away, like I am now.

On that note, I’m out.

I lied. One more thing. I found the busiest burger joint in all of America. Look no further than the In-N-Out Burger in Barstow, Calif. I saw the sign and I had heard of the burger place before, so I figured it was somewhere we should try since there aren’t any (at least that I know of) on the east coast. The place was packed. It took about 30 minutes to get food and people were fighting for tables (like Lenoir at lunch, for all you UNC kids). It was good, but crazy. From what I could tell by the order numbering system, they served 100 orders in the 45 minutes that we were there.

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  1. When I went out to visit Ben in Berkeley during the Fall of 06, he found it to be an urgent necessity to bring me to In-N-Out. He borrowed his roommates car and we trudged through 10 miles of Bay Area highway traffic in about 45 minutes. The place was just as packed as you described your experience to be, and getting a table became a cutthroat jungle battle with anyone else standing. I was tricked into getting that special sauce where garlic meets thousand island dressing (and who knows what else) to create a monstrosity. It almost ruined the experience, but plenty of people seem to dig that place, and for good reason.

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